Evolution of the Retail Checkout Experience

In the world of retail, experience is everything. With so many sellers and relatively homogenous product mix, it’s very much the experience that’s offered to customers that turns out to be the differentiating factor.

Experience is something that is made up of many touchpoints. It starts outside the store, continues as people make their way through the store, and culminates with the store checkout experience. Successful retailers place a lot of emphasis on this in-store checkout experience, as it leaves a lasting impression on the shopper and is likely to result in repeat business.

We’ll explore the evolution of checkout experience and see how seamless checkout is revolutionizing the space.

Checkout Solutions Then and Now

Over the years, tons of checkout solutions have been created and adopted by stores to try and improve the customer experience.

Traditionally, store checkout consisted of a person scanning your items one-by-one. This led to long lines and frustrating waits. Once the technology improved, one of the most well known and popular checkout solutions to this day is was introduced: ​self-checkout​. You likely have a self-checkout station in your local grocery or department store. Self-checkout was invented in the 80’s by David R Humble after he stood waiting in a long grocery checkout line. By 2013, over 200,000 self-checkout stands were used in stores to speed up checkouts and reduce the number of people waiting in line to pay.

While this went some way towards alleviating the issues with the “traditional” checkout system, it brought its own set of challenges. Many “self-checkout” areas still have to have store employees manning the area, assisting shoppers and looking out for shoplifting.

In more recent years, the mobile scan-and-go solution has gained momentum. This method lets shoppers walk around the store while scanning the items they want to purchase with their mobile phones. Shoppers needs to download that specific chain’s app, but after that, the process is simple and straightforward. The mobile scan-and-go solution works, and some stores are even taking advantage of this by removing their self-checkout kiosks and physical checkout lanes to make more room for cooking demonstrations or other in-store experiences that drive sales.

But is this the best retail can do? Should you have to carry your phone around with you throughout your whole shopping experience? Retailers and consumers are excited about something much, much better – Seamless Checkout.

Seamless Checkout Is Here

As a pioneer in the retail space, Amazon took the first step in opening its cashierless Seattle-based grocery stores called ​Amazon Go.​ Upon walking into an Amazon Go store, shoppers need to place their phone on a barcode scanner, which gives the store’s system the shopper’s Amazon account information (the information is used for payment purposes).

After the shopper has been “identified”, they’re free to walk around the store, browse the shelves, take what they want and walk out. Multiple cameras on the ceiling of the store track what the shopper picks up and walks out with, and simply charges the amount to their Amazon account.

Amazon Go has made headlines for its innovative approach. Not only does its seamless checkout solution offer an easy and quick shopping experience, but it’s cost effective for the store. The only downside is that the “seamless-ness” is only available within Amazon Go stores – of which there are currently only three.

A seamless checkout solution is the future, but it should be implemented within stores worldwide to bring a smooth experience to the masses, not just those that live near an Amazon Go store.

Trigo Vision – Seamless Checkout For All

Trigo Vision​’s aim is to make it possible for any retailer to offer a hassle-free in-store experience to their shoppers, through a seamless checkout.

Trigo’s smart Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision-powered seamless checkout solution is based on a ​camera network​ that’s installed within stores. The setup allows shoppers to walk in, take what they want and walk out having had a calm, quick and enjoyable experience. We offer a flexible payment solution based on retailer’s needs and cultural differences – this can either be an Amazon Go style, where shoppers scan their mobile app at the entrance, or pay at a payment screen on their way out. There are no barcodes or the need to individually scan products. No waiting, and definitely no lines.

The solution also benefits retailers by offering real-time inventory analytics that get easily integrated with a store’s existing inventory solution. And of course, a major benefit the solution offers retailers is loss prevention, by providing retailers with full tracking of their entire product range throughout the store.

Trigo Vision has partnered with major retail chains to roll out their seamless checkout solution and make a hassle-free checkout experience a reality for everyone, proudly bringing seamless checkout to the masses.

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